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Third Party Administration
Partner with us for pension administration success.

Saxon is a pension services provider based in the Cayman Islands, delivering client and administrative services to more than 14,000 individual account holders with assets in excess of $285 million. Saxon has gained an enviable reputation and is recognized as a leader in its market. Facilitated by investments in technology, Saxon is capable of providing flexible solutions while maintaining a personal approach to client relationships.

Saxon provides specialist third-party administration and related services to defined contribution (DC) and defined benefit (DB) pension plans. Our technology and expertise make Saxon the right choice as a pension provider and a partner in administering your pension plan - we are committed to ensuring a service second to none.

DC pension plans

Consisting of any number of investment vehicle types, including unitized funds, interest bearing funds and term deposits, Saxon can track and administer an unlimited amount of individual and group pension accounts.

Saxon’s offerings for DC pension plans include:

  • Set-up plan(s)
  • Enrol new members
  • Administer ongoing data changes
  • Respond to member inquiries
  • Process member contributions and other deposits types including the distribution of investment gains/losses
  • Issuance of member statements at any frequency
  • Process member inter-fund transfers
  • Process member withdrawals
  • Process member termination, retirement and death benefit calculations
  • Send/receive member forms
  • Apply local pension legislation
  • Complete government information returns
  • Issue benefit settlement instructions to trustee
  • Issue buy/sell orders to fund managers
  • Full internet access for plan sponsors, employers and members

DB pension plans

Every DB plan has unique benefit provisions, requiring judicious handling by highly-qualified professionals who are well versed in the intricacies of DB pension management, combined with sophisticated technologies. Saxon has both of these. Accurate administration is paramount to ensuring plan members’ success, and Saxon’s software tools and seasoned management team have the power to get the job done right.

We are equipped to take care of the full range of stakeholder needs, and our team of experts is standing by ready to handle every detail for you.

Saxon’s offerings for DB pension plans include:

  • Set up plan(s)
  • Enrol new members
  • Issue membership certificates
  • Perform what if pension calculations
  • Data maintenance
  • Update salary changes
  • Update contributions
  • Annual member statement
  • Member benefit accrual updates
  • Online pension record
  • Initiate termination, retirement or death benefit
  • Calculation of benefits
  • Instruct custodian to release benefit
  • Management reports
  • Ad hoc calculations and reports
  • Pension adjustments and reversals
  • Pension plan consulting
  • Statutory actuarial funding valuations

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